"My job as an artist is to reflect back to the world what I see. What I see is gun violence.
~Maureen Cain

Art installations at sites of gun violence in the United States


I started United States of Ammunition when a box of 1,000 rounds of ammunition was mistakenly delivered to my address. My first thought: “Who knew you could order bullets online?” My second thought: “I need to make art with this.” But not with live ammunition, so instead I went to firing ranges and collected thousands of bullet casings that I then painted bright colors. 

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A year and a half later, those same painted casings have traveled border-to-border and coast-to-coast. I have photographed more than 100 sites of shootings and I have been to more sites of gun violence than anyone else -- a sad distinction that I never intended to claim.

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I photograph the bullet casings in temporary art installations at sites of mass shootings, police brutality, domestic violence, suicide, genocide and assasinations.


I even snuck into a gun show and took unauthorized photos of my painted bullet casings.

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I am traveling across America to photograph sites of gun violence in all 50 states. The states in orange are ones I've already visited. You can see the photographs here, view behind the scenes pictures here and read the story of how the project began here